At Eatlean we are passionate about putting cheese back on the menu. Whether it is high protein meals, low calorie meals or even high protein snacks we can help you achieve your diet plans whilst enjoying the food no one wants to be without… cheese!

Since we launched Eatlean the revolutionary high protein, low fat cheese in block format in 2016 we have been listening to all of your feedback and we are proud to now bring to you Eatlean in it’s purest form… Eatlean PRO.

What is Eatlean PRO and what’s in it?

Eatlean PRO is the all new 100% Natural Protein Cheese Powder and unlike many Protein Powders on the market contains no artificial ingredients, flavourings or preservatives. The only ingredient is…… well….. cheese! We produce Eatlean PRO by dehydrating our regular Eatlean cheese, no nasty tricks or additional stuff added, that’s it. Wanting to boost your high protein diet, look no further.

Ingredients: Eatlean Protein Cheese (Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt)

What are the nutritionals like?

With 66% Protein, 5.4% fat and 0% carbs per 100g the Eatlean PRO nutritionals are game changing. Say goodbye to those bags of whey protein, and now you can incorporate cheese into almost any meal. Whether it be Macaroni Cheese – Grilled Chicken & Fish – Steak – Pizza –  Cheese Sauce. You name it we have it covered.

Where can I buy Eatlean PRO?

Eatlean PRO is available on our online SHOP as of 7th August 2018. Pricing £15 for 500g. It is also available in smaller hand held shakers. Pricing £3 for 80g.

How do I stock Eatlean PRO as a shop owner?

If you are interested in stocking Eatlean PRO please contact George at