We've taken two British favourites and combined them for the the ultimate quiche recipe - The Full English Breakfast Quiche!
In this recipe we opted for our Eatlean Quiche Kit Healthy which brings together our favourite low fat, low calorie, high protein ingredients to make the perfect healthy quiche base. We then grilled up our favourite breakfast elements, and added to the quiche for the most delicious lunch, dinner or snack on the go! Just check out the macros on a quarter of this quiche: Protein: 23.2g Fat: 8.55g Carbs: 3.6g and Calories 192

So what have we switched up...

LoDough - At just 2.2g of carbs per slice, LoDough offers a great low calorie alternative to a high fat, high carb pastry base.

Eatlean Tasty - With 60% less fat, 35% fewer calories & 30% more protein than a full fat cheddar, and zero compromise on taste it’s a no brainer!

Eatlean Spreadable – With 40% fewer calories & 65% less fat than standard spreadable cheese, it adds a creamy, guilt-free indulgence to your quiche recipes.

Two Chicks Egg Whites – With 0% fat and cholesterol content, 70% fewer calories and higher protein, lower carb content than whole eggs it’s a fridge essential…and we promise you won’t miss the yolk!

  • Yield1 Quiche
  • Serving Size1/4 Quiche
  • Energy192 cal


    • x1 Eatlean Recipe Kit (x1 Lo Dough, 200g Two Chicks Egg Whites, 50g Eatlean Tasty, 150g Eatlean Spreadable)
    • x2 Chipolata Sausage
    • x5 Chestnut Mushrooms
    • x1 Tomato
    • x2 Low Fat Bacon Medallions



    Take a small pie or quiche dish and spray lightly with FryLight then press your Lo-Dough base into the dish.


    In a bowl add the egg whites with the Spreadable Protein Cheese and whisk together until combined, don’t worry about the lumps!


    Add half the cheese to the base of the quiche and then pour over your mixture.


    Prepare your lightly grilled bacon, cooked sausage, sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, and place into the quiche mixture.


    Finally add sprinkle of fresh parsley, and then pop into a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees and cook for 35-45. At the 20 minute mark, pull the quiche out and top with an egg then pop back in for 20 minutes until the egg has cooked through.

    • Nutrition Facts

    • 4 servings per container
    • Serving Size1/4 Quiche
    • Amount per serving
    • Calories192
    • % Daily Value*
    • Total Fat8.55 g10.96%
    • Total Carbohydrate3.6 g1.31%
    • Protein23.2 g46.4%