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Hey Samantha, being the Sub-Editor of Muscle & Fitness UK, Muscle & Fitness Hers UK and Flex Magazine must be exciting…..How did you fall into this roll, and how do you stay motivated?

Hey hey! It is SO exciting; I feel grateful every single day! I’m extremely fortunate to have a job that I love, it’s an absolute privilege.

How I fell into the role is actually a rather random story… I had always wanted to be a writer and had a natural aptitude for it but life took a different path and I spent many years running my own businesses and investing in property; I even had a gun shop (all sounding rather bizarre now I know), when the shop closed I heard about a vacancy at Muscle & Fitness for a writer and expressed an interest. Thankfully, I got an interview and was asked to submit a series of test articles to prove my worth. As luck would have it they liked my writing and gave me a chance on a modest amount of hours as a features writer. Fast forward a couple of months and my hours were increased and I was promoted to Sub-Editor thanks to the support of the extremely talented Editor-In-Chief who saw my potential.

I don’t need motivation when I love my job so much! I’m sure it sounds cliché but I genuinely take so much joy from any feature I’m tasked with… even proof reading! I’m one of those lucky people who gets up early to work because I enjoy it so much.

Awesome!  So what’s the most memorable article you have written and what was it about?

Good question! I can only narrow it down to two. The first was called ‘How To Be An Ethical Carnivore’ a Muscle & Fitness nutrition article, in which I touched upon consuming meat with a conscience. The second was titled ‘The Fit Chick’s Guide To Having Babies’ an article for Muscle & Fitness HERS detailing how to get into shape after having children and the importance of self-care. I had the pleasure of free reign on both pieces so it was gratifying to write about issues that are important to me and explore some profound themes.

We’re so excited for you to join our team of Female Ambassadors, how did you find out about our Protein Cheese?

Thank you, I’m honoured to come on board; I’m a huge fan of Eatlean! I’m an ambassador for Lo-Dough and the Lo-Dough and Eatlean pizza is the stuff of legend! I tried my first protein pizza and haven’t looked back since!

Working closely with Bodybuilders, Bikini models, Fitness Models, etc…..In your view, how can Eatlean #proteincheese help in terms of physique competing?

In my opinion the key to being a successful physique competitor (and throughout all aspects health and fitness) is practising sustainability, both in training and nutrition. Being over-restrictive can lead to sabotaging behaviour and the demonising of certain foods. Eatlean is a low-calorie, high-protein option that puts cheese back on the menu, even in the most stringent of diet plans. The whole range feels like a decadent treat but without the food guilt; it’s a game changer!

And finally, we’re dying to know what your favourite #ProteinCheese recipe is and which is your favourite Eatlean cheese?

I’d have to say my healthy version of cottage pie (subbing potato for sweet potato and beef mince for turkey mince), it’s comfort food at its best. I’m a traditionalist so I’d have to say the classic Eatlean Protein Cheese block is my ultimate Eatlean Cheese favourite, but I also LOVE snacking on an Eatlean Snacking Bar.