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Sian, tell us a little more about your health/fitness focus. How you got started, and how you stay motivated?

My reason for getting into fitness was to benefit my health and wellbeing and also because I love to exercise and always have done since being a very sporty child. I follow a flexible dieting approach as I found ‘clean eating’ diets too difficult to sustain and ended up bingeing on so called ‘bad foods’ that I wasn’t allowed on the diet. I have a demanding job (chartered accountant) and often work long hours. I find that my workout time is my time to let off steam and get on my feet as my job is very sedentary. I am motivated because I enjoy working out and I enjoy the activities that being fit allow me to take part in.

So how did you discover #ProteinCheese?!

I was lucky enough to be contacted on Instagram and sent a sample to try and I haven’t looked back since! I swap all of my cheese on top of omelettes, homemade pizzas and pasta dishes etc for Eatlean cheese to save on fats and calories and increase my protein intake. I have recently started taking medication which I will take for 6 months that causes a temporary rise in my cholesterol and therefore I have to maintain a lower fat diet so Eatlean has allowed me to continue to enjoy cheese despite this.

We’re so excited for you to join our team of Female Ambassadors, what does it mean to represent the wide community of inspiring women focused on health/fitness/wellbeing?

It was a huge honour to be asked to be an ambassador alongside the other incredibly inspirational ladies. I am excited to represent a great brand that I use regularly and have great admiration for. I am very proud to represent Eatlean within the community of inspiring women and this is a community that I am excited to be a part of and love to interact with all the ladies who have similar views and goals to myself.

Finally, we’re dying to know what your favourite #ProteinCheese recipe is? (Recipe coming soon!)

My cheesy omelettes of course!!