Graph showing the amount of Protein per 100g with Eatlean leading the way

Protein, the what, why and when to eat it

When it comes to food and nutrition, much has been written about fats and carbohydrates and depending on which echo
Before and after shots of Sophie McDonald's incredible weight loss

Weight Loss Transformations- Sophie McDonald

Sophie McDonald 8.4 stone weight loss in 1 year! (That’s like losing 667 shakers!)   Starting your weight loss journey
WW magazine open displaying an Eatlean full page advert

Extra, Extra, read all about us!

Did you spot us? Now we don’t usually like to brag…but we are going to! Over the past couple of
Team Eatlan sat at a desk talking about Eatlean 2019

Eatlean’s Review of 2019

It has been an incredible ground breaking year for all of us here at Eatlean- click on the video above
Eatlean Nutritionist Ben Coomber holding Eatlean protein cheese

Ben Coomber becomes Eatlean’s first official nutritionist

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We can finally announce our first ever official nutritionist
Sheryl Leona before and after weight loss
Weight Loss Transformations

Weight Loss Transformations – Sheryl Leona

Sheryl Leona 10 stone weight loss in 2 years 4 months! (That’s the same as 356 Grated bags!)   Sheryl’s
protein cheese south africa low fat low calorie high protein healthy cheese

Eatlean Launches In South Africa

After months of hard work we can now officially say Eatlean has launched in South Africa!   Find a 5*
Slimming World Weight Loss Transformation
Weight Loss Transformations

Weight Loss Transformations – Charlotte Cunningham

Charlotte Cunningham 4 stone weight loss in 4 years (That’s the same as 1,270 Tasty Slices!)   Starting your weight
Dean the Eatlean Elf on the Shelf loves protein cheese

Meet Dean the Eatlean Elf on the Shelf

This month we welcome Dean the Eatlean ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to the dairy farm.  Dean is staying with us