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With all this incredible summer weather that we've been enjoying, the burger recipes have been out in full force! For those of you thinking of firing up the BBQ again this weekend, why not try out our new Melt In The Middle #ProteinCheese Burger. This recipe is made using both our Eatlean Smoked Shaker Cheese as a great flavour and binding agent, and our Eatlean Spreadable as a deliciously creamy melt in the middle surprise! Double the protein hit, without the all the unnecessary fats, carbs and calories! You can shop our products online via the website, or pick up our Spreadable packs across Asda stores! Happy barbecuing all!


  • Lean Steak Mince
  • Eatlean Smoked Shaker #ProteinCheese
  • Eatlean Spreadable #ProteinCheese
  • Red Onion
  • 1 Egg
  • Bun & Salad for serving (optional)


1. Take your lean mince and mix well to form a smooth mixture that will bind a lot better with the added ingredients, and help your burger to hold its shape when cooking

2. Add 1 egg, Smoked Shaker #ProteinCheese, and the red onion. Mix well together.

3. Reserving some of the mince mix, shape into patties, making a well in the centre in which to add your cheese.

4. Scoop the Spreadable #ProteinCheese into each of the wells in the centre of the patties

5. Use the remaining mince mix to cover over the top of the burger, and bind together well to encase the spreadable cheese

6. Pop into a frying pan, or on the BBQ and cook until you are happy that the meat has cooked through. 

7. We like stacking our burgers with lettuce, tomato, red cabbage...and some extra Spreadable #ProteinCheese for good measure! 

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